When an obese person determines to lose weight then he tries out several methods. A few of them go to the extent of starving or following a rigorous exercise routine. So if one can looking for a more simpler diet then he or she can opt for this ice diet.

We all are very well known to many of diet plans for shading our extra kilos and maintain our body weight. But there is a cool diet known as ice diet. This diet is also very effective for fat loss.

So in this article, we will discuss how ice diet is good for fat loss and many more uses of ice for body weight maintenance and some other chilled benefits of ice for fat loss.

Ice diet can help you to lose fat, it seems unbelievable but its true. So let’s try to understand how it actually works.

The ice diet mainly involves eating of many ice cubes for burning calories. Eating ice can effectively boost up metabolism and thus helps in burning more fat.

Whenever you consume more ice, your body to uses more energy to heat the ice. Which in turn helps you to shed more calories and thus ice diet is an effective remedy for fat loss.

Moreover, it provides some satiety feeling by filling the space in the stomach which leads to lesser consumption of food. According to some e-books and researches, ingesting near about 1 litre of ice can burn about 160 calories.



Add ice in your glass of water:

If you include ice in your glass of water and intake it along with every meal. You feel less hungry and it will help to burn fat and thus will make you lose weight.

You can simply add 1/2 ice cubes in a glass of water and then have that ice water. This will help you not only to quench your thirst but also shed kilos from your belly.

Chew Ice After A Meal:

The good news for ice diet is that you don’t need to limit your food intake. You can eat whatever you like to eat but you must chew some ice after the meal. That will help your body to lose weight.

Add ice In Your tea:

Including ice cubes in your green tea is a great remedy for fat loss. As both of them acts as appetite inhibitor in a very natural way. The caffeine of green tea along with ice acts as a natural weight loss remedy.

Intake Crushed Ice:

Have one serving of crushed ice whenever feel hungry. This is very effective in controlling your cravings and have very low calorie.

Ice Water Shower:

Another way to lose weight with the help of ice is taking cold ice water bath. This helps to boost metabolism and thus helps in weight loss.

Some other ways of using ice for fat loss:

Ice can be used for fat loss by keeping Ice-Pack around the waist. Take few ice cubes and keep them around your waist by wrapping them.

Keep it for near about 10-15 minutes. For melting those ice cubes a lot of energy will be needed. Which in turn helps in burning fat and leads to weight loss.


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There are two types of fat cells present in our body. The white fat cell and the brown fat cell. The white fat cells store energy from food that we consume. While brown fat cells burn energy to produce heat.

Fat-freezing techniques specifically target brown fat.

Now let us try to understand, what is the relation between ice and that of fat cells. And the answer is, in the presence of ice means in the exposure of cold the amount of brown fat cells get increased and that leads to the burning of more energy.

As we know that body’s first response to cold is shiver. Which leads to makes and activates enough brown fat cells to take over those heat generating responsibilities. In that of both cases, your body is burning extra calories in response to cold.

That can even lead to some loss of body-weight. And as long as you don’t overeat to make up for that extra energy that your cold exposed body is using up you can expect to lose weight in response to that cold. But it may vary from person to person.

There are some additional metabolic benefits in people who have higher levels of brown fat cells. And the benefits are lower levels of circulating fatty acids, lower levels of triglycerides and a better insulin sensitivity.

According to some scientist, cold exposure and brown fat genesis could be effectively used to prevent diabetes, some metabolic disorder and obesity as well.

A question may arise about how much cold do you need to put up to increase your body’s level to produce beneficial brown fat cells. And the answer is that its depend upon a number of factors.

Such as, your body’s existing deposits of insulating white fat will determine the amount of qcold exposure you can take before you feel chilled.

Some studies say that near about 2 hours a day spent in a cool room so that you are shivering but not freezing should be enough to increase the levels of the brown fat cells.


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Can Ice cubes help you lose belly fat?

If you want to shed that stubborn fat around your belly then you can simply use an ice pack to that fatty area around your belly. You have to do it for 30 minutes.

The cold exposure works by boosting up the body into turning up fatty white fat cells into the calorie burning brown cells and thus help to lose the fat around the belly.

Can actually applying an ice pack to your belly help killing fat cells?

For this question, there are so many answers. So let’s try to find out the most appropriate one. So the real answer is yes ice pack can kill fat cells.

Certainly, the cold from an ice pack is as same as the cold produced by an expensive machine. So the effectiveness of homemade ice pack is as same as that of a machine.

You just need to apply the ice pack for a longer period. and this is not about burning calories or increasing that brown fat cells rather killing the fat cells locally.

And once the fat cells are dead your body isn’t able to grow new ones and the fat released will be removed by the lymphatic system.



There is nothing as refreshing as scooping up a spoonful of ice on a hot summer day, isn’t it? When the small melty ice cubes clinking around at the bottom of your glass can cool you down and quench your thirst.

So in the bottom line, it can be said that when you start eating ice it helps to boost up metabolism for melting the ice in order to stabilize the body’s temperature.

But for a proper body weight maintenance, you need to follow a nutritious diet plan along with that of ice diet which makes the process easy and effective.

According to some researches taking up ice diet in a supplement to the overall dieting process helps one to lose weight.

Eating a large amount of ice forces your body to burn more calories and it eventually bringing all of that frozen stuff back to the body’s normal temperature.

The ice diet website claims that eating one litre of ice will burn as much as 160 extra calories. And if you do so every day then you could add up to one pound of weight loss per month without changing any of your eating or exercising habits.

In ice diet plan the moment when you feel you have started weight loss you should then stop eating ice cubes.

It’s true that ice cubes aids in weight loss. But too much consumption of it can be harmful. It may end up affecting your teeth and also leads to a cough and cold and throat pain.