How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

Foot fungus is actually accompanied by several different foot problems. This is not a simple foot problem. There are some symptoms you can see as itching, cracking, burning, or peeling on your foot.

You can also see it between the toes. You can see the yellow, brown or white discoloration of your toenails. Luckily, there is a wide range of treatments you can consider. Keep reading this post to learn how to get rid of foot fungus.


Athlete’s Foot Fungus

This problem is a popular foot condition today, especially for those who live in college dorms or gyms. It can be able to easily grow in damp places such as locker rooms, public showers, as well as public pools. Besides, it may be the result of too tight shoes.

There are some common symptoms of this condition such as itching, redness, burning, and peeling. Sometimes, you can see it comes with sores and blisters. The Athlete’s foot fungus can include four different fungus kinds as well as three different infections.

One is known as moccasin infection, it makes your skin becomes cracked. Also, it comes with dry skin, scaling, itching, and irritation as well. This condition can spread to the sides of feet.

There are many ways to prevent this problem. For examples, you can use flip flops for some wet public areas. We advise you to choose breathable shoes. Your feet should be kept dry at all times.


Toenail Fungus

This fungus happens underneath the toenail. Just similar to athlete’s foot, it is easily caused in warm and damp places. This fungus can be more easily seen in those who suffer from diabetes, nail injuries, circulatory problems, or immune problems.

Once you have toenail fungus, you can see a change in the color of your nails. They can grow thicker and even come with a foul smell.

You can also feel pain in the fungus area. If you have toenail fungus, your foot performance may be affected such as walking. So, it’s important to follow your doctor’s advice for athlete’s foot.

Indeed, it’s important to keep your foot dry and clean all the times. Look for breathable shoes. Remember to change your socks often. When coming to the public showers, don’t forget to wear shoes.


Toe Infection

This condition is actually the result of ingrown toenails. Actually, you can see it in big toes. When having toe infection, you normally feel painful. However, there are some things you can do at home for the treatment. You should tell your doctor about the infected toes.


How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

Athlete’s Foot Treatments

In order to get rid of foot fongus, you can apply an antifungal medication to the infected area. In order to prevent the growth of the fungus, it’s important to keep your foot dry at all times. Sometimes, you may have to take an oral antifungal medication.


Toenails Fungus Treatments

There are some simple home remedies you can consider when removing toenail fungus. You should also ask a podiatrist for a care for your toenail fungus. You can get rid of toenails fungus thanks to topical or oral treatments.


Toe Infection Treatments

If you have a toe infection, you need a help from a podiatrist. He will help to address it. Then, the offending part will be removed by him. Sometimes, you can take antibiotics to heal the infection. Also, they can help to prevent the condition from spreading more.


Home Remedies For Foot Fungus

There is a wide range of home remedies for foot problems, including foot fungus. You can soak your foot in a bleach solution.

This way can cure athlete’s foot. Then, use baking soda to keep your foot dry. After that, you won’t worry about your odor. Consider using anti-fungus products for your toenail fungus.

It’s a good idea to use olive leaf extract because it’s both anti-fungal and antibacterial. In addition, you can also use orange oil.

This oil is also anti-fungal like the olive leaf extract. You can use it for your toenail fungus. Another consideration includes lavender and oregano oil.

They are also highly recommended to use for foot fungus treatment. Here are some things you can consider when it comes to home remedies for foot fungus:


Apple Cider Vinegar

This ingredient is a good solution for a lot of things. Indeed, you can also use it as a remedy for foot fungus.  Prepare a bath of apple cider vinegar, and then soak your foot in.

It’s essential to do this twice a day. You also need some additional Epsom salt in the warm water. By this way, you can remove toenail fungus as well as athletes foot.

Especially, you can mix it with some honey in the warm water. This drink is really healthy and beneficial for your foot fungus on the inside.


Castor Oil

Just like other essential oils, you can use the castor oil for your toenail fungus. It’s ideal for ages. In fact, it can be able to kill the fungus. Moreover, it can reduce further infection.

This ingredient comes with a lot of uses and benefits. That’s why it has been listed as one of the most popular oils used these days.


 Tea Tree Oil

A natural anti-fungal ingredient. So, it can help you remove your fungal infections effectively.  You only need to soak your feet in the mixture of the warm water and tea tree oil. This mixture can kill the foot fungus. Furthermore, you can use it to massage by applying it directly into the skin. This way can keep the fungus from spreading.



The fact is that nothing can replace your doctor’s advice when it comes to fungal infections. However, you can still use these home remedies to cure your foot problem yourself.

If you see the fungus has become worse or it start spreading, it’s time to see a physician. In order to prevent your foot from foot infections, your feet need to be kept clean as well as dry. Also, it’s important to care for them well.

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