My diabetes my way, the story of recovery

Now I feel cheerful, motivated and happy that my diabetes has come to normal. Now I don’t feel fatigued, no frequent urination, no stress at all. I have almost recovered from my diabetes which I was suffering from last 5 yrs. Yes, I did it, I made it without any medications. I healed naturally. I have got a chance to narrate this story of my diabetes and my way of recovering from this article my diabetes my way.

[su_quote]If you want to know the story, read this article till the end. I have undergone a dramatic transformation within the last few months. And, I will narrate this to you in this special article my diabetes my way.[/su_quote]


My diabetes my way, the real story of recovery

My initial days with diabetes

Now I am 30 yrs old. 5 years back, when I was 25 I was in my post graduation. Suddenly I didn’t feel well, I was feeling tired the whole day. I had no interested in studies at all.

Frequent urination, headache and increased hunger were the symptoms that I felt those days.

There was something wrong with me. I want up to the hospital and had an appointment with the general physician.

The doctor told me to do some blood tests. After the test, I found that my blood sugar was 400mg/dl. It was so much high. The doctor told that had I had type 2 diabetes. He gave me metformin tablets. I used to have that tablet in the morning in empty stomach and before dinner. Gradually I felt better.

I had to get my blood test done very frequently, at least once a month.  I was normal for quite a few months. Still, I had the feeling of lethargy and used to develop throat infection.

The physician told me that having those symptoms were normal with metformin. If had to be in the safe zone, keep my kidney safe and protect myself from infectious diseases, I had to keep my sugar level normal.

Then taking medicine was a daily routine for me and even living with those adverse effects of the medicine.


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The symptoms got worse with medications

Now let me narrate the story of my diabetes my way with you on how my symptoms got worse with metformin.

I had worse symptoms of fatigue, infection and frequent urination. I got my blood test done, I found the sugar level was again higher than 300 with metformin.

The doctor told me that metformin alone will not work. He prescribed a combination of metformin and glimepiride. After taking the combination, I felt quite good and my blood sugar level again came back to normal.

I was fed up with taking medicines but, I had no other option than taking them. It was almost 3 years I was taking medicines daily. After a few months, the doctor added another composition with the previous medicine, it was pioglitazone. Now I had to take take the combination of metformin, glimepiride and pioglitazone.

diabetes was like a never-ending fight for me. With the side effect of drugs, it was even worse and my life was miserable.


My recovery with alternative treatment

Then I decided to find an alternative way to treat myself. It was risky still I opted for it. I had to change my lifestyle completely. Relying on fruits, raw vegetables and nuts for my diet was the only option left.

Less calorie consumption with the highest value of nutrients.

In the morning I used to eat only fruits and sprouts. No cooked food and processed food. Raw vegetable salad, nuts and sprouts was my lunch and dinner. I continued this kind of diet along with the prescribed medications.

After a week I tested my blood sugar level and it came below the normal range. The doctor asked me to remove pioglitazone from my medicine combination. Then I was assured that the strict diet I was following was really working for me.

I continued the diet I was taking and after 2 months I had no other adverse symptoms of fatigue. Then I was told by the doctor to rely only on metformin because my blood sugar was normal with it.

Its been 4 months I have been with this diet. It is working so well, I can easily get back to my daily life as usual. No worse symptoms that I used to get before. My respiratory infections are gone. I hope to stop taking metformin in the near future because my body is working properly with my diet plan.


[su_quote]Note: My diabetes my way, the story of recovery is a real-life experience of Anuradha Naik. It is her confession to treat her diabetes with natural diet. [/su_quote]

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