Earlier most people thought that sleep is a passive, dormant part of our daily life. But we should know the fact that our brain becomes very active during sleeping.

Not only that sleep affects our daily work but our physical and mental health also in many ways. Sleeping may also be considered as a brain-focused phenomenon.

It affects the immune system of the body and also plays an important role in levels of hormone alteration of the body. Not only that the central nervous system of our body is also very much affected by sleeping.

In this article, we are discussing that how a sound sleep can help all of us in weight loss.


It is very true that not only the proper diet but also a sound sleep can help us to reduce weight. The proper amount of sleeping is very important if one wants to reduce weight.

But the sad thing is only about 30% of adults sleep only for 6-5 hours almost in every night, which not only makes them obese but also have a bad impact on some nightly releasing hormones.

For that reason, hormonal disbalance may occur in the body. But if one can start 7-8 hours of sleeping every night instead of 5-6 hours then a remarkable change in weight loss can be found.



In the brain there are many types of neurons, some help in sleeping and other helps us to stay awake. When neurons of the brain stem connect with the spinal cord produce neurotransmitters.

Such as serotonin and norepinephrine that keep some parts of the brain active while we are awake, there are some other neurons which signalling that when we fall asleep.

There is a chemical called adenosine that accumulates in our blood when we are awake and make us feel drowsiness and when this chemical breaks down we fall asleep.

Neurotransmitters (Nerve signalling chemical) control our sleeping or waking by working with different groups of nerve cells also called neurons.


It may be surprising to know that lack of sleep or no sleep can make anybody die. And that’s why humans spend near about 2/3 of their lives in sleep.

Day by day without sleeping make anybody psychotic which eventually kill anyone. So it is clear that sleeping is very crucial for the proper functioning of the body as well as for being alive.

There is a feature called plasticity by which the brain can recognize itself and it is possible when we are sleeping. Sleeping is one type of offline mode of the brain and it is very essential for the proper functioning of the brain as well as for the whole body also.

In other words, we can say that sleeping means recharging the whole mind and which is very important for staying fit and being alive also.

In an average, almost all adults take 7-9 hours of sleep every night. But it may vary for every individual.

Some take a continuous 8 hours of sleeping while others take 6-7 hours of sleep at night. And the rest hours at daytime napping. Sleep plays an important role in our physical health.

At the time of sleeping healing and repairing of our body is going on. Proper sleep not only saves us from gaining more weight. But also saves us from many severe diseases of the heart and kidney; it also saves us from high blood pressure and diabetes.


There are two types of hormone which plays a major role in relation to hunger. One is Ghrelin and the other is Leptin.

If people do not get proper sleep then the level of Ghrelin hormone increased in the body which tells the body that it is hungry and takes more food, simultaneously the level of Leptin hormone become decreased which is a hunger control hormone.

Leptin makes us feel the fullness that we do not need food but its deficiency results in the opposite. So it is clear that why sleeping is very important for proper functioning of the hormones which regulate hunger and in that way regulate weight.

Moreover one can burn calories while taking a sound sleep of 8 hours. For an example, a 150lb person can burn 63 calories in one hour of sleeping and (63*8=)504 calories in 8 hours while sleeping.

Sleep is like nutrition for the brain. A sound sleep is essential for the brain, moreover that short sleep also triggers the weight gaining process.

If someone does not sleep properly then the body gets busy with making some recipes for gaining weight. Skipping sleep makes the brain to take bad decisions.

It affects the brains frontal lobe which is responsible for decision making. There are some facts which we should know for better understanding the relation between sleeping and weight loss and those are as follows:

Almost every one of us thinks that for achieving a slim and trim body the remedy revolves only around dieting and exercising.

But there are many of us who are very much conscious about their diet and also very serious about exercise but still do not get the proper shape. And the reason is while living life, working and exercising one forget to sleep enough.

And from that point weight gaining procedure triggers up.

Moreover, they forget that sleep is the main ingredient for stay fit. Not only that deprive of sleeping 7 hours at night can undo the benefits of dieting also.

It seems surprising to know that when someone gets proper sleeping nights half of their weight they lost was from that of fat.

But if they do not take proper sleep then the lost amount of fat cut in half of that previous amount even they are on the same diet.

Moreover, they feel hungrier. So those who are sleep deprived experienced a 55% reduction of fat loss is compared with that who takes proper sleep.

When our body is incomplete resting mode then the metabolism which is going on is called RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), insufficient rest or sleeping causes a decrease of the RMR.

Moreover, poor sleep leads to loss of muscle and as muscles are responsible for burning more calories at the resting time so when the muscle is lost, it also decreased the resting metabolic rate. So, if one get sound sleep then it helps in muscle building and that leads to weight loss.


As discussed above there are two types of hunger hormones one is ghrelin and the other is leptin. Ghrelin releases in the stomach, its main function is to send a message to the brain that the body needs food.

When the stomach is empty means we need food the levels of this hormone to become high and when the stomach is full its level also decreased. On the contrary.

Leptin is a hunger resistance hormone it signals the brain that the body is full, no need of food. And now the thing is how sleeping is related to these two hormones.

And the answer is if we do not get proper sleep then the level of Ghrelin become increased and level of Leptin become decreased and as a result, we feel hungry and our appetite becomes increased.

In this way, if we take quality sleep then it can also suppress our appetite.

Poor sleep makes our brain for malfunctioning. As a result, our brain chooses tempting unhealthy foods instead of healthy foods.

The frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for decision making and self-control but insufficient sleep makes the frontal lobe of the brain inefficient, it cannot do its job properly.

Moreover, poor sleep can increase the addiction to those foods which are high in carbohydrate and fats. And that’s why high in calories as well.

So, by taking proper sleep one can train the brain for choosing the proper food items and stay in shape as well.

If one doesn’t get proper sleep at night, then all the day he or she feels tired which makes them less likely for any kind of exercise or physical activities. Moreover, one can get tired very quickly during any type of physical activity.

So it’s clear that sound sleep can feel us motivated for any kind of exercise or makes us physically active throughout the day.


Insulin is an important hormone of the body, its function is to move sugar from the blood to the cells of the body for using that sugar as energy.

Poor sleep makes the cells insulin resistant, as a result, sugar remains in the blood so the body makes more insulin for compensating that.

Moreover, the excess level of insulin makes the body feel hungrier and it also instructs the body to store more calories as fat.

So, it’s clear that if we get proper sleep then our body cells do not become insulin resistant. Which eventually protects us from the intake of more food and also prevents the body from storing more fat.


In the conclusion, it can be said that by adopting some healthy sleeping beside healthy eating habit one can lose weight. Or prevent own self from becoming obese or overweighed and the healthy sleeping habits are as follows:

  • Make a proper sleeping schedule, means sleep at a fixed time every day and also wake up at a fixed time.
  • Take at least 7 hours of quality sleep every day.
  • Follow a relaxing bedtime routine.
  • Only for sleeping purpose use the bed. Don’t work on the bed.
  • Make the temperature of the bedroom comfortable.
  • Don’t intake excess amount of fluid before going to bed.
  • Do not take alcohol at bedtime.
  • Switch off all the lights of the bedroom.
  • Do not take a heavy meal at bedtime.



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