The Marie Antoinette syndrome can suddenly turn your hair white

The Marie Antoinette syndrome can suddenly turn your hair white: If your hair suddenly turns white, beware, you may be suffering from Marie Antoinette syndrome. Yes, this disease can suddenly turn your hair white. Greying of hair is a natural process. The black colour of your hair is due to the presence of melanin pigment. Your hair will turn white when you grow old due to the loss of these melanin pigments

However, in the case of Marie Antoinette syndrome, it is quite different. The term Marie Antoinette syndrome came into existence from a folklore. During the French revolution, when Marie Antoinette was captured and going to be executed, her hair turned white overnight. After this incident, the term got its name.


Can your hair suddenly turn white?

Yes, your hair can suddenly turn white in a second in folklore and fiction movies. But, the chances are very rare in the real world.

No scientific evidence is available till date to prove that your hair can turn white suddenly in seconds. It may happen but not in seconds but will take some significant amount of time to happen.

There are few assumptions about it due to the availability of exceptional evidence. There are few accounts of people having a sudden whitening of hair in the history.

Alopecia Areata is the medical condition of sudden loss of hairs. So, it can be said that alopecia areata might have some links with this syndrome due to similar symptoms.


Difference between alopecia areata and Marie Antoinette syndrome:


Alopecia Areata  Marie Antoinette syndrome
1. This is an autoimmune disease.

2. This is the case of pattern baldness where

hair falls suddenly from a portion of the head.

3. In case of alopecia areata, own immune system of the body

fight the hair follicle and removes it.

4. Sudden loss of hairs makes the white hair more

prominent on the head. However, there is no real loss of hair pigment.

1. There is no known cause of this syndrome

2. This is the case of sudden whitening of hair.

3. No scientific evidence available to prove how it happens.

4. There is a loss of melanin pigment of the hair,

resulting in sudden hair whitening.




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Causes of Medical conditions akin to Marie Antoinette syndrome?

there are several causes medical conditions akin to Marie Antoinette syndrome such as canities subita, alopecia areata, genetic changes, acute and chronic stress, hormonal changes in your body etc.


Do your parents have IRF4 gene?

Genes play a major role in transferring some physical characteristic from the ancestors. That is the reason why we look akin to our parents and grandparents.  Do you have in your family, your parents or grant parents whose hair got white so early. If yes, then chances are, you may suffer from premature hair greying, Because, you carry the gene called IRF4 from your parents, which causes premature hair greying. If your hair greys due to the genetic reason, you are less likely to get original hair color back.


Did you have any recent trauma?

If you just had any recent trauma, it is very likely that your hair will whiten faster than usual.  But it will not become white in a minutes or so. It will take time. In the case of queen Marie Antoinette, she had a trauma of getting captured by the enemy. She was under extreme stress, which could be the reason she lost her hair overnight.


Are your hormones causing you premature hair greying? 

Hormonal changes in your body can bring you premature of greying of hair. If your testosterone level drops or if you have thyroid problems, your hair will more likely to grey faster. Still, in the case of Marie Antoinette syndrome, the hair grey extremely fast.


Do you suffer from Vitiligo?

If you suffer from vitiligo, the symptoms of it might be akin to Marie Antoinette syndrome. Vitiligo is a medical condition, where your own immune system removes your melanin pigment. Resulting in the appearance of white patches over your skin. If the melanin pigment of your hair goes away due to vitiligo, your hair turns white.


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Some of the real-life evidence of Marie Antoinette syndrome

There is some evidence to prove this syndrome is real. One of the real-life examples is regarding Sir Thomas More. He was an English martyr, who was executed in the tower of London. His hair turned white overnight due to acute overstress before execution.

One more account is related to the Second World War. During the world war, the hair of the bomb attack survivors turned white so fast.

According to an American dermatologist, a sixty-three-year-old man fell down from the stairs. After the incident, his hair turned completely white in some weeks. After a few months or weeks, the patient suffered hair loss and had vitiligo.


Marie Antoinette syndrome is a very rare disease and partially based on folklore. There is a countable no of evidence, that suggest people had a sudden loss of hair. There are several medical conditions that resemble this syndrome. However, the rate of hair whitening is slower and not sudden. If your hair is whitening faster, it is better to consult a doctor and detect the underlying condition. Once, the underlying condition is treated, whitening of hair will either stop or slow down.


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