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Hi, This blog belongs to Lakshyapati Tandi (Masters, Pharmacology) and Srabani Chatterjee (Msc, Cell and Molecular Biology). Here you can read blog posts related to health and wellbeing as well as some emerging technologies that have the capacity to transform the world. So, stay tuned to our blog posts for health and tech-related Gyan. We deliver evidence-based authentic and unique content. We provide up to date authentic blog posts related to most common illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, cardiac failure, ischaemia etc. 

Authors:    Lakshyapati Tandi: He is a pharmacologist and a healthcare professional. He has completed masters in pharmacology from Guru Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur, a reputed central university in India.

Lakshyapati Tandi

He has done various research work on health and wellbeing. One of his research is published in a reputed international journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behaviour. His paper The contribution of the central histaminergic transmission in the cataleptic and neuroleptic effects of haloperidol was based on a behavioural study on animals.

Apart from writing articles for Gyan Share, he loves food, dancing, swimming, travelling, hanging out with friends, helping people in need and spreading awareness regarding health and fitness.

If you have any query reach out to him on following social media links:

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Srabani Chatterjee is a cell and molecular biologist.  She has immense knowledge of plant and plant-based treatment of disease. She loves to counsel people with illness on lifestyle changes.

Her notable works include awesome blog posts related to obesity and weight loss. Apart from writing articles, she loves to cook food, traveling, visiting places and hanging out with friends. At present, she writes for Gyan Share, her own blog site, takes care of her homegrown plants and vegetables and counsel people on health.

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Srabani Chatterjee