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Orange and weight loss with other health benefits:

There are several methods of weight loss. Some people love to pursue exercise, some do yoga, whereas some love swimming to meet their weight loss goals. Dietary changes can immensely help you to shed fat at a faster rate. So, now the question arises is what kind of food you should choose.

Fruits and vegetable can play a major role to boost your metabolism and reduce your body fat. Furthermore, they can do it through others mechanisms as well. When it comes to losing body fat at a quick rate orange comes at first place among fruits.

This fruit is loaded with vitamin C and other nutrients that can aid your weight loss goals. Orange and weight loss is just like synonyms.  So let us find out Orange and weight loss with other health benefits.


Some common facts about orange:

Orange is a round shaped, orange colored, citrus and juicy fruit from the family of Rutaceae. Mainly there are two types of oranges. The sweet orange (scientific name- Citrus Sinensis) and that of Bitter orange (scientific name- Citrus Aurantium).

The sweet orange is mainly used as orange juice or people often eat it in the breakfast grew first in South East Asia.

But at present, it grows in different parts of the world and used extensively. Orange is a rich source of many vitamins and the primary source of vitamin C.


Nutritional Facts Of Orange:

Carbohydrate                                                 4%

Potassium                                                      5%

Cholesterol                                                     0%

Dietary Fiber                                                 9%

Sugar                                                               4%

Protein                                                            1%

Vitamin A                                                      4%

Calcium                                                          4%

Vitamin C                                                      88%

Magnesium                                                    2%

Vitamin B6                                                    5%

So, it is evident from the above chart that orange is a rich source of vitamin C and other nutrients. You can meet your daily requirement of vitamin C if you consume a few oranges on a regular basis. Moreover, you can get enough amount of other vital nutrients as well.

It’s well known to us that fruits are nutrient-dense food items. Means they are low in calories but rich in nutrition like vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Orange is packed off in good stuff of vitamins like folate, Thiamine, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6 and of course vitamin C. Oranges protect our cells from oxidation as they act as an antioxidant along with the other nutrients which are present in it.


Orange and Weight loss are just synonyms

Does eating orange helps to lose weight? You will be surprised to know that it really can. And let’s try to understand how it helps us in losing calories.

Besides having low calories, fruits are incredibly filling because of their water and fiber contents. That can help us from the cravings of unhealthy foods. Oranges also contain a nice amount of dietary fiber that helps in regular bowel movements so eating an orange at the evening time really helps to remove any type of constipation issues in the next day.

One big size orange can meet up to 163% of your daily needs of vitamin C. As we know, Vitamin C is an essential element of our immune health. A better immunity is always required to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body. Hence, Consuming orange and weight loss goals are always correlated

Furthermore, you can use low-calorie food like orange fruit to replace high-calorie foods.  This strategy can effectively create a calorie deficit and that leads to weight loss.

As orange contains Vitamin B6,  it helps to boost our immune system and also improve metabolism and as we all know improvement in metabolism leads to losing weight.

When you want to reduce weight then you should choose those type of foods and fruits which are not fattening but acts as fat burning.

So in this case, as orange is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin C can break down the fat content in the cells. Hence, it makes orange an effective fat burner ingredient.

And if you are in weight loss plan then eating raw oranges will surely help you to burn your fat along providing you with healthy calories, vitamins and nutrients as well.

The fat content of orange is very less near about 0.1gram and contain up to 1.2grams of protein so it’s an interesting thing to consider when you look for a fruit which itself comes with low calories and thus helps you to reduce weight.

One cup of orange contains only 85 calories. Which makes it a nutrient-dense, low-calorie fruit. And it contains 4.3grams of dietary fiber.

Which helps in weight loss by improving regular bowel movements and helping you feel full for a longer period of time.

So add some orange tang in your diet and with the help of this nutrient-dense low-calorie fruit maintain a healthy weight.


Orange and weight loss: How it works?

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Orange and weight loss with other health benefits


There are some unique properties present in the orange fruit which makes it a really great fruit for weight loss. From the below discussion we can understand how it acts as an amazing weight loss fruit. So have a look at it.


Orange and weight loss: water content in orange

Fruits are mainly made up of water, basically the juicy fruits like orange is a great source of water. In fact, orange contains 87% of water. And it is known to all of us that water increases satiety effect. Means makes us feel full.

There is an interesting fact which we all should know. Many of us don’t realize that we regularly mistake our thirst for hunger.

If the water content of the body becomes lower, it leads to dehydration. This makes us feel fatigued. And we think that we need to eat food to restore energy level.

What we should understand that by increasing the water intake we can escape from the feeling of tiredness.  So, we should consider eating an orange to feel satiated.

Increased water consumption has been shown to helps us lose weight. Besides this, if we keep our body fully hydrated by increasing the water content of the body, we can boost our metabolism in a significant way.

So next time when you need a snack then choose a juicy water-dense fruit like orange which will hydrate you and prevent you from overeating.


Orange and weight loss: fiber present in orange

The daily recommended dietary fiber of man is 38 gram and that of a woman is 25 gram. But many f us do not get the required amount of fiber per day. But if you increase your dietary fiber intake on an everyday basis then you can lose weight.

Now a 100 gram of orange provides 2.3 gram of dietary fiber. From large-sized orange, we can get a 4.4-4.5 gram of dietary fiber and from a medium-sized orange, we can get near about 3.1 gram of dietary fiber.

So in this way orange can meet our daily dietary fiber need of the body in a simple way.


Orange and weight loss: sugar present in orange

Let us understand how consuming orange and weight loss go on the same track. There are different types of sugar present in different types of foods such as sucrose, lactose, fructose and the well-known glucose.

When sugar is broken down into glucose (which is the smaller unit of sugar as compared with that of other sugars) during digestion then body releases insulin. It’s a popular hormone which instructs the cells to absorb glucose from the bloodstream.

Now refined sugar causes much more insulin to be released than natural sugars. So, the sweets and icecreams and other sugary food items never fill us up and so leaves us as hungry as before eating them.

And if any unused glucose remains in the body, it is stored as fat.

Now, the thing to understand is how fruits like orange and some other fruit help you to lose weight. And the answer is fruits have fiber in it that slows down digestion. Means your body gets more time to use up glucose in your bloodstream.

The other sweet foods which we consume such as ice cream and all don’t have any fiber in it. So, the sugar present in them is not used up rather stored directly as fat.

And the fruit orange contains a fair amount of dietary fiber as discussed above. Therefore, its a great option for people with sweet tooths and sugar cravings. Therefore orange and weight loss is just synonyms.


Orange and weight loss: Vitamin C present in it

Orange contains near about 53.2 mg of vitamin C per 100 gram. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin needed for our body as it helps to heal wounds fast, increase iron absorption, prevents free radicles from damaging cells.

Not only that vitamin C is also responsible for metabolizing fat. Therefore, the people who intake accurate amount of vitamin C reduce more fat than that who is a deficit of that vitamin. Eating orange and weight loss due to fat loss is fact.

It’s very beneficial to know that vitamin C deficiency not only leads you to compromise your physical health but also hinder your weight loss efforts. So, just start adding vitamin C rich fruit like orange and burn more fat. That is why consuming orange and weight loss goals go in the same direction.


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Varieties of orange: How to choose?

Many of us start our day with a glass of orange juice, is not it? You can use it many forms such as pulp, juice, and rind. Its a popular fruit throughout the world. There are various types of oranges and let’s find out what are they.

Most extensively used orange is the sweet orange. But its a hybrid and do not comes in wild form.

Most probably it grows first in China, northeastern India and also in southeastern Asia. It is primarily used for medicinal purpose.


Types of Oranges:

There are two basic types of oranges. The sweet orange and the bitter orange.

Sweet orange varieties.

Now the sweet orange is divided into four classes with different characteristic features and they are as follows-

  1. Common Orange:

It’s a wild orange. The most common variety of common orange is Valencia.

2.Pigmented or Blood Orange:

There are two types of blood orange – light and deep blood orange. The anthocyanin present in it, give it the blood red color.

Common varieties are Maltase, Moro, Scarlet Navel and Tarocco.

3.Naval Orange:

Its the most common orange. and we are very familiar with this type also. It has great commercial importance. And it sold extensively in markets. The most common types are Washington Navel, Dream Navel, Cara cara, California Navel etc.

4.Acid Less Orange:

This type of orange has a very little amount of acid. This is also called “sweet oranges”. They spoil quickly as acid content in them is very less. So they are not used to make juices. But they are cultivated in large quantities.

5.Mandarin Orange:

It also included in this group of sweet orange. Its a sweet orange variety of an original citrus species. Some common types are Tangerine, Clementine, Satsuma etc.



Just like sweet orange varieties, there are several types of bitter orange varieties as well. And they are as follows:

1.Bergamot Orange:

Mainly grown in Italy. Cultivated for its peel. Which is used in perfumes and for flavoring early grey tea.

2.Seville Orange:

It is used for the making of marmalade and as rock stock for the sweet orange tree.

3.Trifoliate Orange:

They are native to Northern China and Korea. They are used like as those of Seville oranges.

There are some oriental orange fruits as well. Which are included in the bitter orange group and they are

  • Kitchli of India
  • Nanshodaidai of Taiwan and
  • Naruto and Sanbo of Japan.

So, from the above discussion, we make everything clear and now, we can choose the type of orange we need. We can choose depending on our taste and mood.


Some other important benefits of orange:

  • Oranges give you healthy skin and hair.
  • Oranges are loaded with vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant. That can protect your body from aging and also from many harmful diseases.
  • Oranges strengthen blood capillaries and prevent varicose veins.
  • Oranges are high in calcium. So eating them makes your bones and teeth stronger.
  • It prevents heart disease.
  • This fruit gives you energy. as its an energy food.
  • Oranges prevent couch and cold. As its rich in vitamin C.


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Reasons to consumes orange besides orange and weight loss criteria.

The orange is a nutrient-dense, delicious and affordable fruit with numerous physical and as well as mental health benefits. So, let us try to understand that besides weight loss how orange serves us with some other benefits in the below segment-

Vitamin C content:

Orange is the fruit which is rich in vitamin C. And vitamin C is a vital vitamin for the body. It is essential for producing, maintaining and repairing your skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels also.

Prevent From Stroke:

Not only vitamin C oranges are a great source of vitamin B9 also. And this the vitamin which reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. As it can keep concentrations of the amino acid homocysteine at normal levels. Beside oranges are also rich in potassium a mineral related with decreasing stroke risk.

Anti Stress:

Oranges are a great source of vitamin B1(Thiamine). It’s a vitamin that helps your body to deal with stress. Because it can help to improve your immune system.

Keeping Normal Blood Pressure:

Besides the above-mentioned vitamins, oranges are also a great source of polyphenol hesperidin. It’s a chemical which can improve blood flow. Because it can contribute to the dilation of blood vessels and helps to lower diastolic blood pressure. And this helps to keep normal blood pressure.

Maintain Healthy Skin:

There is an enemy of skin known as free radicals. Which is responsible for skins aging process. And to fight with this free radicals antioxidants are very much required. And orange is a rich source of that antioxidants. So as a result more orange intake means more antioxidants. Which results in fewer wrinkles and healthy glowing skin.

Helps To deal With Age-Related Problems:

Oranges not only protect your skin from early aging signs but also helps to prevent many more age-related problems. Orange contains high folate concentration. Which helps to reduce age-related hearing loss problems. Also, prevent muscular degeneration. Orange contains vitamin C and thiamine. And for that reason, it can prevent the development of cataracts.

Prevent Cancer:

As oranges are a great source of antioxidants so they can help to reduce the increase if cancer-causing free radicals from the body. Folate present in orange also eliminates the risk of cancer. Orange can eliminate the cancers of colon, breast, cervix, pancreas and that of the stomach also.

To Improve Bone Health:

Besides vitamins, oranges are a great source of Calcium. Which is very essential for bone health. Orange contains vitamin C and potassium. And they both are essential for building and maintaining bone health. Not only that oranges are helpful for preventing osteoporosis.

Mental Health:

Oranges are beneficial for not only physical health. They are also helpful for a healthy mental health. The rich concentration of folate present in orange helpful for the treatment of depression. It also helps to prevent neurodegeneration disorders also. It also prevents dementia. Because it is rich in thiamine.


Orange juice preparation method:

Orange juice can be a tasty way to lose weight. Fresh orange juice can be treated as an instant energy and mood booster. Its a favorite juice for those who exercise.

They usually have it after their gym or with breakfast. Orange juice can become a tasty delightful and delicious treat for all of us. With the benefit of weight loss and many more.

You can have it by storing it in a jar and sipping it throughout the day. As it is not bitter just like bitter gourd and not too sweet so it can be a perfect drink for almost all of us.

Orange juice is a low calorie healthier juice. Orange juice is a negative calorie juice because it contains fewer calories than what your body required to burn it. And the result of it is you can burn more than you eat.


How to make orange juice at home?

From the above all discussion it is cleared to all of us that how orange and its juice is beneficial to us. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is very much satisfying to all of us. It hardly takes 5/10 minutes or less time to make tasty juice from oranges. But trust me that the taste is worth the effort and wait. So here are some easy way to make orange juice at your own home and enjoy it without any type of preservatives. So just have a look.

1.Squeeze oranges by Hand:

  • At first, soften the oranges that you choose for making juice. You can roll the oranges with the palm of your hand across ant flat surface to soften them.
  • Then cut the oranges in half. Remove all the seeds.
  • Then take one of the orange halves and squeeze it by hand by using a plain juicer get all the juice in it. Follow the same procedure for the other half and for other oranges also.
  • After that add some pulp to the juice. That can make it thicker and tastier. With the help of a spoon scrape the orange and add the pulp in the juice.
  • Pour the juice in a strainer before having it.
  • You can add a pinch of black salt or sugar to enhance its taste. and also can add some ice cubes to make it chilled.
  • Now you can enjoy the fresh, chilled and tasty glass of orange juice at your own home
2.Squeezing oranges with an Electric Juicer:
  • At first, prepare the oranges by peeling them off and cutting them into sections.
  • Then put the oranges into a feed tube and draw the juice.
  • You should make sure to have something to hold all the tasty juice coming out of the other end.
3.Making orange juice with a blender:
  • Prepare the oranges by peeling off them. Cut or tear them. Make them totally seedless.
  • Put them into the blender.
  • Then pulse for a moment to break down the oranges. Continue the process until the oranges are pureed.
  • Taste the juice. If it’s too dry then add some water. If it not so sweet you can add some sugar.
  • Then run the blender until it becomes totally liquified.
  • For settle down the juice leave it for some time.
  • After that, you can enjoy the juice with your dear ones.



In conclusion, it can be said that almost all fruits are incredibly nutritious. And, orange is one of such fruit. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But it is low in calorie. And that makes it a good ingredient for weight loss. Orange and weight loss is hence synonyms of each other.

Not only that its high dietary fiber and water contents makes its appetite suppressing and filling food item.

But you should try to stick to whole fruits and avoid dry fruits and fruit juices.

Not to forget one thing that its orange or any other fruit alone cannot help you to lose weight and get that desired body.

You should intake orange along with a healthy diet. And also try to do regular exercise to achieve long-lasting weight loss with a proper shaped healthy body.

Oranges are a great choice if you are in a weight loss diet plan. Because oranges are a great source of vitamin C and folate. So it fulfills the nutritional requirements of the body during weight loss period and after that also.

People who intake oranges and other fruits are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t have them. Because oranges are a great source of vitamin C. And consuming more vitamin C tend to have a lower body mass index than those who intake less vitamin C.

Not only that plenty of vitamin c helps you to get rid of more fat during physical activities or during exercise.

So from the above discussion, it is clear that we should add orange in our diet regularly.

So oranges can be a miracle food or fruit. But you should try to intake them with other weight loss foods. And stay in a calorie deficit and exercise regularly. Then you will notice significant changes in your body regarding weight loss.


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